Monday, May 16, 2005

Why do some people, when in the right-turn lane opposite the intersection from you, try to inch up to turn in front of you, the on-coming traffic, as soon as the light turns green, and then flip you off when you purposefully foil their plan to be an asshole?

So there I was sitting at a red light getting ready to speed off as soon as it turned green, like I normally do, when I saw Mr. Machismo inching up getting ready to cut in front of me. I got that evil smirk on my face, and thought, "Oh you think so, do you? Well I DON'T!" At that moment, the light turned green, and I punched it. As I passed him with an even bigger evil smirk on my face, he flipped me off. I laughed loudly. I hope he heard me. I so don't like rednecks in their trucks who think they're going to show up a white girl.


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