Friday, April 22, 2005

I miss the days of going to a school where people were morally dependable. I don't miss the prudishness of most of those people, but I appreciate honesty as much as anyone. I knew that when I went to take tests 99.9% of the people were making their grade through hard work and effort. I wouldn't see students exchanging papers, discussing answers, or pulling out notebooks to look up needed information. I knew that if the campus shelled out money for great technology, they would also spend on locks and alarms to secure that technology, not that it was THAT necessary because of the code of honor that existed on campus.

Well, I don't go to that school anymore. It's disheartening to slave and stress over information to pull off a great grade when I see so many people cheating their way through school. I've come to appreciate making a B because I know that my B is honest, but I still get pist off when the dumbest of numbskulls gets an A because she and her neighbor compared tests throughout the entire thing. I hate being treated like a slacker when I go to professors to discuss problems I'm having with certain material. I am NOT those other students.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I noticed a new installment hanging in a hall of the chemistry building: a HUGE plasma-screen television. I made the comment to a classmate, "Whose bright idea is that? That won't last long." This morning I went into class, and where there used to be projectors hanging from the ceiling, there were cables. Where there had been a computer, there was dust. And sure enough, there is no longer a television in the hallway. I first thought that some modifications to the room were being done because stuff was moved around the other night when I had another lecture. But the professor stated that someone stole the equipment in the middle of the night and they had dropped, damaged, and left one of the projectors somewhere on campus.

That just makes me mad. Not only am I angry that someone would steal this stuff that made our lives so much easier, but I am angry that the school NEVER LOCKS THE DOORS!!! Last semester, there was a room in the newest building on campus where I always went to study. It was always unlocked, it was huge, it had large windows, and no one was ever in there. Since it's in the building where people learn to fly and stuff, the equipment is extra-nice and sophisticated. I would walk into that building and that room at 8PM sometimes and not leave until midnight, and not another soul was ever in that building. I often thought of how easy it would be to snag that stuff. I can't believe that the university would think that NO ONE would see what I saw and play out the scenario for their own gain. It's sad that the world is in a state that we have to think the worst before the best.


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