Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I had a very exciting meeting with my advisor today. He had never actually looked at the classes I had taken before, so he wasn't really aware of what I had under my belt, although he did know what my degree was in. He didn't really know my background or my accomplishments. So today, we spent a while talking about me (as much as I HATE talking about me) and looking over my transcript. He was very enthusiastic about everything. He said that if I keep the grades I've been making, even with the B's and C I have so far this semester (I do have a couple of A's in there and that C will become a B), I am one of the strongest medical school candidates he has advised. That is what he told me. He said that even if I got an "okay" score on the MCAT, I should have no problem getting into a school. That makes me feel awesome.


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