Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A few photos from the "meet and greet":

"Tori Freak". I think that was written on the back of a Knicks' jersey. Why would someone put that on the back of a Knicks' jersey? Because he is a Tori freak! Ah-HA! I've got it! (There is nothing wrong with that, though. I am also a slight freak.)

I told y'all I made that t-shirt. Well, here it is with the arms of Molly Knight wrapped around it.

Part of me still says that I should have gone to stand up out of the group so that I could have taken some better pictures of Tori, but the other part of me wanted to have the full "meet & greet" experience. So I stayed, and this is the best shot I could get while clicking pictures over the heads of the 40+ standing in front of me. I think she looks beautiful.

I don't own a digital camera my own self, so I borrowed one from a friend. It is the most awesome camera. I was sitting in my hotel room trying to get used to the different buttons and gizmos, and I wanted to check out the zoom on it. I was looking at a hotel across the highway from my hotel, and I could clearly see a man putting on his slacks probably to go to some business thing he was in town for. So, while I was standing in the pack waiting for a glimpse of the redhead, that other part of me wanted to go perch myself on the steps to the left of where we were waiting for her to come out and meet us. I would have gotten some great shots of her with this camera. But I had a blast regardless. I'm still reeling from the concert. SO. AMAZING!


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