Monday, April 25, 2005


I just spent the last 3 hours chatting online with a group of Tori fans. Molly Knight did not go west this weekend to see the final shows, so she hosted an online chat for people who have to actually be somewhere important in the morning and who could not attend the show in San Francisco. I cracked up so hard tonight. Everyone was freaking out because Tori played the. worst. setlist. ever. OH MY GOSH! I'm becoming a setlist snob! What have I done? I'm such a nerd, y'all. I wasted three hours chatting with people about a concert we weren't attending and how if Tori would only give us a call before going on, her concerts would be that much better. Tonight was an "M" night. She played, like, 6 (maybe it was 5) songs in a row that started with M. People were all a rage in the chat. It was quite funny. We've concluded that if she is going to stick to a letter, it needs to be S or R, and she needs to do it on the harpsichord. BRING BACK THE HARPSICHORD, TORI!

I have a test on the sheep brain in the morning, and I just wasted all that time on that chat. < /nerdiness>

I can't believe I just admitted that. I need help.


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