Monday, April 18, 2005

Before this weekend, my mom and some others just knew that I was obsessed with Tori Amos. Well, the "meet and greet" Saturday confirmed to my mother, that my obsession is barely skin deep. Some people have made it their life's goal to seek out and learn the most minute bits of information that have ever been published about the siren. I love Tori, but learning that she has an endorsement deal with Evian water serves me no purpose. I'm definitely not going to start drinking it just because I know this. I don't like the taste of Evian. Ozarka is superior.

The "meet and greet"... For those of you not in the know, this is a fan-organised "event" where people who have hopes and dreams meeting their icon go to the venue where icon will be appearing, wait with other hopefuls, share Evian-endorsement-deal-type (EEDT) information, try to trump someone else's EEDT information, get a sunburn which causes nasty blisters on the nose and makes your face swell so you can see where the wrinkles will one day show up (a ravine right between my brows!), dehydrate, start showing signs of irritation when icon doesn't appear at a "reasonable" time (because icon doesn't have a million things to do before a show), and start crying the moment icon bursts out of the doors in all of icon's glory. (She is quite glorious, and no, I did not cry. I'm not a crier, but some people are. I'm just sayin'.)

The thing is, I have things to do that do not allow me to search the internet for useless Tori trivia. I felt sort of like an outsider for most of the time. There was another person there who drug her husband to this her first "meet and greet", and we had a lovely time chatting about all things not-Tori. For example, I had heard of music and art therapy before, but I had never known about dance therapy. This girl...Misty, if I remember correctly, wants to be a dance therapist. It was very interesting learning about this because I was thinking, "Those poor ballerinas and the therapy they need." She works with autistic children and dances with them to stimulate certain parts of the brain. She was my calm in the great Tori-fanatic storm.

There are a couple sites that I visit where I get what I call "pertinent Tori news", e.g., concert setlists, song lyrics (because what in THE hell is she singing sometimes?!), mp3's of live performances, tour schedules, Molly's opinion of a show... Molly? Molly Knight is the autrice of one of the sites I visit frequently. Her blog/site/whatever she wants to call it contains her personal musings about a lot of things, music being a leader of those things, and since we are in the middle of a Tori tour, most of her writings deal with Tori. I admit here and now that I am slightly jealous of Molly and her ability to go around the country to see almost the entire tour. I think that would be an amazing experience to have sometime. I think it's awesome that she has a pack of friends that loves to travel from show to show, and I bet they have the time of their lives. So, I knew that Molly was going to go to Dallas. I made a t-shirt, and it's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. It says, "i want to be MOLLY KNIGHT when i grow up!" (photos pending) I wore it to the "meet and greet" hoping she'd show up, and SHE DID. I saw her posse walking up the sidewalk. When she passed, she didn't see me but the tallish fellow heading up the rear saw it. I watched him go over to Molly to tell her about it. I stepped out of my group to go meet her. It was hilarious. Molly, you know you're a rockstar when you have a fan wearing a t-shirt dedicated to you! You are gracious and beautiful. We chatted for a few moments, I bought some photos from a lovely friend of hers, who said my t-shirt was "F*****G AWESOME!", and Molly gave me a tube of Tori's used $20 lipgloss...a true relic used by the lover of my ears. I'm sure I will think of Molly fondly every time I clean out the drawer it gets put in.

NOW...the CONCERT... My ears are more in love than ever! The lady was ON FIRE last night. I had read people's reviews of previous shows in this tour saying that Tori's voice was stronger and more beautiful than it has ever been. I had only been to two other shows in my lifetime, but I was blown away by the sound coming out of that creature last night. She has never sounded so good on any of her albums. She sang a lot of my favorite songs, but I just exploded in ecstasy when she sang "Reach out, touch faith" and proceeded to play the greatest cover ever of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus". I was on fire inside. Another highlight was her song, "Winter". I've never counted this as one of my favorite songs. I usually skip it when it starts on the CD, but last night, she played a gorgeous, powerful, and emotionally-charged arrangement of the song. I was breathless in my seat as she played the icy notes at the top of the Bösendorfer's register. "Icicle" came out to play last night, too. It is a very favorite song of mine. If I were a crier, I would have bawled upon hearing the starting notes. I was so happy. A cute thing happened when she croaked the first note of "Crazy". She um...croaked. I guess her throat was dry. She laughed "Let's try that again," sipped some water (Evian), sang a scale, and started over. The audience cracked up.

I had great seats last night. Spit, drool, and tears were easily seen from where I was sitting. It seemed intimate to be that close and to see the different emotions passing through her: possessed, cheerful, sad, wild, rebellious, reverent...I adore her. I think she is an amazing performer. I'm so glad I went, and I'm so sad it's over. Now...when is the summer leg tour schedule going to be released? I've got trips to plan!


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