Monday, March 07, 2005

When I was an LDS missionary in San Diego, I had an addiction. I was majorly addicted to black cherry flavored Kool-Aid. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am extreme when it comes to an addiction. No addiction of mine could complain about having received half-ass treatment from me, Tori! One day when we went grocery shopping, the store was giving away plastic Kool-Aid pitchers to purchasers of Kool-Aid. I mean, I was totally equipped in this addiction.

Whenever we'd go out to work, and sometimes we were too busy to take a lunch break at a normal lunch time, there was only one thing I wanted. That was Kool-Aid. On Sundays, we had meetings straight from 8AM - 5PM. Again, food was never on my mind. I just wanted my beverage of choice. So when we'd get home, I'd make a fresh pitcher of black cherry Kool-Aid, and then I would drink the ENTIRE THING! Do you know what that does to someone who has an empty stomach? It makes someone throw the entire pitcher back up. Every Sunday, we would go home, I would make my pitcher, I would drink it, I would reproduce it, and I would swear never to do that again. EVERY SUNDAY!

One day, we had an appointment with a lady who had ordered a video from an ad she had seen on TV. We got to her house, and we were chatting with her for a little while to get to know a little bit about each other. She was a black lady in her 40s. I told her I was from Louisiana, and she hopped up, shrieked, and ran over to give me a big, ole hug. After the commotion was over, she confessed that she was from Louisiana, too.

We continued talking and then she stopped to say that she was thirsty and to offer us a drink. She looked at me, and said, "I know what you want. You want some Kool-Aid." My companions were absolutely stunned. They thought they had entered an episode of "The Twilight Zone" or something. They laughed and asked this woman, as if she were a prophetess, how she knew what I wanted to drink. She exclaimed, "Chil', everybody in the Souf drink Kool-Aid!" She bade me help her make Kool-Aid. I mixed it up with a cup of sugar per usual. We went to sit down, she took a sip, and she said, "Girl, now I know you know this don't have enough sugar. You do not have to be shy in my house. You belong here!" So I went to fix the Kool-Aid.

I never did put a whole cup of sugar in my Kool-Aid.


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