Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Today was a pretty crappy day for me. I know I failed a test miserably on Monday. Friday I had a chemistry test that I was really worried about, but when I sat down to take it, I felt good about I was doing well on it. Well, today the verdict came in on that one, and while I didn't fail the test, i.e., I didn't get an F, I did get a D. I FREAKING D! Oh my gosh! The only thing I felt when I saw my grade was everything in me falling to my feet. I am so frustrated right now because I feel like everything's out of my control. I feel so stupid. Now the only way I can pull an A out of that class is if I ace the last three tests. ACE THEM! The most I can miss is 3 on each one. That depresses me. I have only 9 points to miss. And I have NO IDEA how it's going to turn out for the comparative anatomy test. I bombed that one so badly. The professor said that if enough people do poorly on it, he would build in another test to help buffer the bad score. So there's a little hope there.

I went to have my front two tires on my car changed out this afternoon. They put four new ones on. I told them that that was not correct, so they went to change out the other two tires. The guy who was working on my car had a friend come by, so I watched him take a lot of time talking to him rather than fixing my tires. It took him longer to change out those two tires than it did for him to change out four. He even left the garage to go talk to someone on his friend's cell phone. And when he only had the tire covers left to pop back on, he got distracted talking to somebody else, left the garage AGAIN, and went over to her car to chat for a few minutes. I was getting so worked up, that I was about to go postal in there. I was so upset from my scores, that I could not bare to watch this guy not working while I was waiting for him to finish my car. Luckily, he returned just as I was going to talk to the manager. I never did visit the manager because I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

After the tire thing, I went to the hardware store to get some bolts and washers for my dad. They had the bolts but not the washers, and since my dad's particular about such things, I decided to let him go get the stuff because I couldn't get him on the phone at that time. I went to the parents' house to give him his bolt back, and he got mad that I hadn't gotten anything at all. I was about to burst into tears, so I just walked out without saying anything.

Tonight I had to go to church for an activity with the teenage girls. I didn't want to be there. It's like the minutes couldn't tick by fast enough. I just wanted to be home talking to a friend. I still feel like crying.

I guess the good thing that happened today is Alias was pretty exciting tonight.


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