Thursday, March 24, 2005

My last year at the Y, I had this crazy roommate who had a crazy friend. Even though they caused me a lot of worry, I liked them. They made me laugh, and on good days, they added a much needed spark to my life.

Every once-in-a-while these two (I'll call them Thelma and Louise) and I would have what we liked to call "Heathen Sundays" where we would watch Smut TV, i.e., Elimidate, Blind Date, The Osbournes (when it was new and fresh and funny), etc., and go out to eat. Yes, we did things like that on Sundays...AT the Y, even.

One particular Sunday, we made the 40 minute journey to the city for dinner and shopping. It got to be kind of hectic because, in case you need a reminder, Thelma was crazy and needed special attention. To help her out of her bout of craziness, we drove back down through the valley (about 20 miles) via State Street so that we could have immediate diversion if we needed it...and we would need it.

We were in the south valley area when we were coming upon a boutique called Dr. John's Lingerie. We stopped there because the voices inside Thelma's head told us to and because we thought it would be fun. It was good, too, because one of my friends was getting married around that time, and I needed to find a seedy gift for her to open up that would cause all of the pure of heart in attendance to seek immediate forgiveness from God for having even laid eyes upon such vulgar things. This was one of those stores that required you having ID proving your over-twenty-oneness to enter it.

Anyway, while I was browsing, Louise was trying on who knows what. After I made my purchase, we got back into the car and continued heading south toward home. A couple minutes later, Louise said, "I snagged something for each of us!" And I thought, "It truly is a heathen Sunday. We will end it in the hoosegow." That's when she flung three paper thongs from her pocket. She laughed and told us that there was a box of sanitary thongs in the changing room for people to put on when they are trying on lingerie. So we did what any crazy girls on Heathen Sunday would do. We put them on over our jeans and wore them that way the rest of the day and night. My sane/uptight roommates didn't appreciate it so much, but it wasn't about them. It was about us, and Heathen Sunday was not yet over.


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