Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Me san Carrie.

There is a certain picture that pops into our minds when we hear the word, gypsy. I think of characters like Carmen and Esmeralda, dark hair, striking eyes, dancing, palm-reading, pocket-picking, goats (though that may be Disney's fault), laughter, music,...I could go on I'm sure. Nomadic behavior comes to mind, too. ...and crystal balls...and sometimes parrots, but I could be throwing some pirate in there.

Some friends convinced me that I should join ldslinkup.com (sorta like Friendster), probably so that they could have a huge list of friends and everyone could see how much they are loved, and I DO love them oh so much. Anyway, I was working on my profile, and it asked my occupation. Anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh and sing horribly and dance weirdly and spend short amounts of time in one place and I have dark hair and striking eyes. I am a gypsy. If I didn't have shaky hands, I'd probably be the best damned pocket-picker this side of the Atlantic. So for my profession, I entered "Gypsy". I figured, ANYBODY will see my picture, notice pasty white, all-american non-gypsy-ness, and KNOW that no, I'm not really a gypsy.

Saturday while I was doing absolutely nothing gypsy-related, I got an email. It read, "r u really gipsy?me 2!! alex." I laughed, and thought, "I love people who notice when I'm trying to be funny. Why can't he spell words out?" He wasn't kidding. Y'all, he's REALLY a gypsy. Now go back to the picture of the male gypsy that you have locked away in your mind. Have you got it? Okay...meet Alex. He's from the mountains of Romania, near the Danube; he speak the Romanes (gypsy...nothing to do with Romania), his family tells fortunes in the streets, they have huge parties every weekend where they dance and sing and make music. He was crestfallen when he learned that I wasn't really romni, but he was elated when I unloaded my "arsenal" of the language. My slight Carmen obsession has to be good for something, I s'pose. En retudi panda nasti abela macha. Thank goodness for that!

So basically the take-home message is to not claim to be a gypsy if you aren't one. Oh, and if you join ldslinkup, my screen name is, of course, karinka. Look me up, and be my friend. I want to be popular too!


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