Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Last night, my lost love for Morten Harket, the lead singer of A-HA (You remember them. They had the smash hit in '85, "Take on Me".), was restored. I had just run over to my parents' house to chill out after a horrible, HORRIBLE performance on an anatomy practicum (a test where we had to label all of these parts of frogs, sharks, and cats), when I switched the TV to Trio, one of my favorite channels, and saw that they were about to show an A-HA concert. I thought, "Mmmm...Morten Harket..."Take on Me"..."The Sun Always Shines on TV"..."Scoundrel Days"...mmm..." I'm not capable of deep thought after failing a test. So those were my thoughts. I watched it, and after it was over, I was newly baptised by the essence of Morten. He was hotter than I ever remember him being in the 80s, when my allegiance was to him...okay, and Jon Bon Jovi...and Billy Idol. But Morty was number one.


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