Friday, March 25, 2005

Last night I watched the premiere of the American version of "The Office". I have never seen the British show, and as much as I love Steve Carell, I'm thinking the British show is probably way funnier. Anyway... There is a young guy on there called Jim, who loves putting coworkers' office supplies in jell-o molds, which I think is hilarious. So all night last night, I was thinking of what I could do to my dad's office manager. What could I take that would really crank her up? Then I remembered the Shmubiks Cube fiasco of Summer 2004. I laughed hysterically to myself when I came up with the idea of putting the cube in a jello mold.

My dad came over for breakfast this morning, and I told him about the show last night and what I was thinking about. He snickered a little and said, "That would be funny. She'd probably quit." So I said, "Then I'm doin' it!" I continued talking about it, and my dad had to go burst my bubble. He said, "Carrie, please don't do that." So...I don't know... What do I do? She would be so pist. It would be hilarious. I want to do it so badly.


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