Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm going to warn you all now. Don't buy a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. They suck. The batteries for them suck. The receivers in them are way below par. In the 26 days I had that phone, I had more dropped calls than I ever had with my Nokia the previous 15 months. In fact, I've always had Nokias, and my dropped-call total for the last month is higher than my career total before Sony Ericsson. So do not get a Sony Ericsson phone. I wish someone had warned me before buying it, e.g., the dealer who sold it to me.

I went into the store yesterday, and when asked my business, I said, "I do not like this phone." The first thing out of homeboy's mouth was, "The battery-life is horrible, right? And you want to know how I knew that so quickly." I said, "Because it sucks is why! I'm sure everyone who has bought this phone has told you that. Why do you not warn us of this before buying it?" He says they are not allowed to, but I feel like if they know a product is horrible and if they get multiple returns everyday, then they should not push the product. Yes, it was relatively inexpensive, it had a great rebate on it, it has a camera, and it's a flip phone, but all of that means nothing if I can't have one extended phone conversation without the call being dropped or my battery going dead.

So all of this is to say that I ended up with a Motorola. The Cingular Nokias are too bulky. The Motorola I have is sleek, it opens smoothly and it's easily done with one finger. It's cute, the battery-life so far seems far superior to the crappy phone I had. The picture quality is way better. It's great. So I will be spending the next few days getting to know my new phone.


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