Saturday, March 12, 2005

Being a youth leader at church, I am obligated to take the youth from our congregation to youth dances held by other area congregations on a monthly basis, which is fine because it's really funny watching them interact with each other. Tonight two other leaders and I were sitting back reminiscing about when we were the ones on the dance floor. The only time anyone ever danced was when a slow song was played because we just had to teeter around in a circle. Easy as pie! It's no different with these kids. And you know the other thing that isn't different? Bryan Adams. The DJ played that overly annoying song, "Have you ever really, really, really ever loved a woman". I HATE that song! It made me remember when a neighbor of mine at BYU and I would sing that song in the manner of vomiting whenever we heard it. So I was telling the other leaders I was sitting with that story and saying that this wasn't the worst Bryan Adams song. And simultaneously, we were all like, "Oh YEAH! What is that song called? The one from the Robin Hood movie." We could not remember it, but when we were teenagers, it was THE slow song to play and dance to with our crush. We sat deliberating over it. We remembered the video, the movie, everything around it, but we could not remember the tune and words. We were quite annoyed by that. So we went to eat cake. We had moved our conversation on to something like, "My crush had the best SKINNY ties ever!" (You remember those skinny ties? UGH! What was I thinking?!) And then TA-DAH!!! The song started. We looked at each other, screamed, "THIS IS IT!", and laughed. "You know it's true; everything I do, I do it for you." SHUT UP, BRYAN ADAMS!!! Oh, we laughed so hard, and don't you know, they played the EXTENDED version tonight.


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