Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My new favorite chemistry lecture activity, besides reading or listening to my iPod (Tori Amos, of course), is watching the entire class rush to copy every piece of information our professor throws up on the overhead projector. Everyone is really stressed right now because what we're learning involves a lot of math, and I'm not talking about math with numbers as we normally think of it. We're using letters...lots of letters! The professor spends a lot of time preparing PowerPoint slides and hand-writing notes for us to look at while he's teaching, but frankly, I still prefer to go by the textbook. I like doing that because he gives us SO MUCH information in such a short amount of time that I have to get supplemental teaching somewhere. So while I walk into class already knowing what's going on or knowing that I can read about it later, everyone else is frantically writing, copying down every letter and comma on the slides. They kind of remind me of ants after stepping on their mound; like, if ants could write about that "earthquake", they would look like the students in my chemistry lecture. It's really quite amusing.

Professor Fox-y, as I like to call him, used a big word today that sent the ants reeling. Boy, did they ever burst into noisy confusion when he said, "[Something] is tantamount to [something else]." I don't remember what he was talking about because I was too busy watching the little ants and chuckling to myself while writing this. A bunch of heads were about to explode when a guy finally asked, "What is tantamount?" Does that word not get taught in vocabulary classes anymore? Anyway, it's not a difficult word to figure out from its context, but maybe common sense goes out the window when chaos ensues. I'm glad I don't get too stressed out. I wouldn't want to be labeled stupid.

Ooh...He just used "myriad". How did he get away with that one?


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