Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My favorite phrase that is posted in the room where I have a first aid and CPR class: "Don't act a fool in the pool." It's so...poetic and...refined...

Well, it's official. I think enough time has passed for me to be able to say this with certainty: this semester SUCKS! I was hoping that with time it would get better, but a month has passed. It's still boring. My schedule is unbelievably boring. Basically, I just sit in the back of classrooms and play games on my iPod or read, and I HAVE to go to class because of the strict attendance policy at the school. So I get my entertainment pack together, much like I do when I'm getting ready to go to church, so the hours of boredom will pass without incident.

The thing that really sucks about the boring schedule is that it has caused me to be apathetic regarding how well I do in these classes. Like, this morning, I had a test, and I didn't even study for it. The material was so boring that my choices were to die from boredom or to not make an A on the test. I chose to not make an A, so I took the most boring test in the world this morning, actually finished it, and scored 80%. And I'm happy with that. I got a B on my chemistry test 2 weeks ago, and I'm happy with that.

Another strange consequence of having a boring schedule is that my favorite class is chemistry lab, taught by my male arch-nemesis of 2005. I know...shocker! He's actually being very nice this semester. I mean, he still rips people's heads off and shoves them down their throat if they come in late to class, but in lab, he's cordial. He doesn't make me feel stupid when I mess things up. When I ask questions in class, he's more than eager to answer them. He's the exact opposite of what he was last semester, unless you're late for class. Don't even try that. Just don't. I've seen him make grown men cry. Anyway, I was like the star of the class last night. And he said I was "charming him" because asking questions meant that I had read the lecture before going to class. I'm not really out to charm that man, but I'm open to any methods of not succumbing to the desire to cry in front of him.


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