Thursday, February 24, 2005

Who's got tickets to see Tori in Grand Prairie, Texas in April?


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My new favorite chemistry lecture activity, besides reading or listening to my iPod (Tori Amos, of course), is watching the entire class rush to copy every piece of information our professor throws up on the overhead projector. Everyone is really stressed right now because what we're learning involves a lot of math, and I'm not talking about math with numbers as we normally think of it. We're using letters...lots of letters! The professor spends a lot of time preparing PowerPoint slides and hand-writing notes for us to look at while he's teaching, but frankly, I still prefer to go by the textbook. I like doing that because he gives us SO MUCH information in such a short amount of time that I have to get supplemental teaching somewhere. So while I walk into class already knowing what's going on or knowing that I can read about it later, everyone else is frantically writing, copying down every letter and comma on the slides. They kind of remind me of ants after stepping on their mound; like, if ants could write about that "earthquake", they would look like the students in my chemistry lecture. It's really quite amusing.

Professor Fox-y, as I like to call him, used a big word today that sent the ants reeling. Boy, did they ever burst into noisy confusion when he said, "[Something] is tantamount to [something else]." I don't remember what he was talking about because I was too busy watching the little ants and chuckling to myself while writing this. A bunch of heads were about to explode when a guy finally asked, "What is tantamount?" Does that word not get taught in vocabulary classes anymore? Anyway, it's not a difficult word to figure out from its context, but maybe common sense goes out the window when chaos ensues. I'm glad I don't get too stressed out. I wouldn't want to be labeled stupid.

Ooh...He just used "myriad". How did he get away with that one?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tonight in chemistry lab as I was waiting for some stuff to centrifuge, my male arch-nemesis of 2004 called me over. I was thinking to myself, "Oh no! What have I done wrong?!" But when I got over to where he was, he said, "You seem to be very capable in here. It really looks like you know what you're doing." I didn't know what to do besides thank him. I was so stunned that a compliment came out of his mouth. Last week I was shocked by his jovial attitude in class, and now, I'm just speechless. He asked me about my major and my plans. He was really nice, and he is more than willing to help me out when I'm not sure about something. This is just craziness.

These last few days, my Tori addiction has again reached immediately-post-first-Tori-concert levels. The new album is all I listen to. I even listen to it in chemistry because it's a lot more fun than lecture. Seeing her TV appearances is top priority. I was almost late to chemistry lab tonight because she was on a show on FUSE. She was on almost the entire time, too, talking about her album, the inspiration behind it, her book, her daughter, and other stuff. She played "Leather", a favorite song of mine from "Little Earthquakes", and she sounded great on that show tonight, clear and strong. I know...I'm psycho. Tickets for her concert in Dallas go on sale this weekend. I can't wait! She's going to be alone with her piano and organ. It's going to be awesome!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lyrics to "The Power of Orange Knickers" by Tori Amos

The power of orange knickers
The power of orange knickers
The power of orange knickers
Under my petty coat
The power of listening to what
You don't want me to know

Can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist
Those girls that smile kindly then rip your life to pieces?
Can somebody tell me now am I alone with this
This little pill in my hand and with this secret kiss
Am I alone in this...

A matter of complication
When you become a twist
For their latest drink
As they're transitioning

Can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist
This little pill in my hand that keeps the pain laughin'
Can somebody tell me now a way out of this -
That sacred pipe of red stone could blow me out of this kiss
Am I alone in this...

Shame shame time to leave me now
Shame shame you've had your fun
Shame shame for letting me think that I would be the one

Can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist
This little pill in my hand or this secret kiss
Am I alone in this kiss
Am I alone in this kiss

Since yesterday afternoon, this song has been my pleasant "terrorist" because I cannot stop listening to it. It has derailed me from doing anything productive. I'm enslaved by the melody, by Damien Rice who sings the song with her, by the idea of who and what can be our own personal terrorists: ex-boyfriends, current infatuations, songs, obsessions, unwanted attention, space-invaders, immoral thoughts, leaders, anything. There is indeed a very strong power in these orange knickers. I think I'll keep them on a while.

Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm in love, y'all! I got Tori's new CD in the mail today from Sony, and it. is. SO. GOOD! I must go and listen some more. Bye!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My favorite phrase that is posted in the room where I have a first aid and CPR class: "Don't act a fool in the pool." It's so...poetic and...refined...

Well, it's official. I think enough time has passed for me to be able to say this with certainty: this semester SUCKS! I was hoping that with time it would get better, but a month has passed. It's still boring. My schedule is unbelievably boring. Basically, I just sit in the back of classrooms and play games on my iPod or read, and I HAVE to go to class because of the strict attendance policy at the school. So I get my entertainment pack together, much like I do when I'm getting ready to go to church, so the hours of boredom will pass without incident.

The thing that really sucks about the boring schedule is that it has caused me to be apathetic regarding how well I do in these classes. Like, this morning, I had a test, and I didn't even study for it. The material was so boring that my choices were to die from boredom or to not make an A on the test. I chose to not make an A, so I took the most boring test in the world this morning, actually finished it, and scored 80%. And I'm happy with that. I got a B on my chemistry test 2 weeks ago, and I'm happy with that.

Another strange consequence of having a boring schedule is that my favorite class is chemistry lab, taught by my male arch-nemesis of 2005. I know...shocker! He's actually being very nice this semester. I mean, he still rips people's heads off and shoves them down their throat if they come in late to class, but in lab, he's cordial. He doesn't make me feel stupid when I mess things up. When I ask questions in class, he's more than eager to answer them. He's the exact opposite of what he was last semester, unless you're late for class. Don't even try that. Just don't. I've seen him make grown men cry. Anyway, I was like the star of the class last night. And he said I was "charming him" because asking questions meant that I had read the lecture before going to class. I'm not really out to charm that man, but I'm open to any methods of not succumbing to the desire to cry in front of him.