Wednesday, January 26, 2005

There is a funny trend that girls (preppy girls, to be more specific) here in the South take part in. Going to school out West and various other places, I had forgotten about it. Being back at school here, I'm reminded of it everyday. I'm not reminded of it, really, because I actually SEE it. Girls in the South (preppy girls, remember, not just backwoods girls) wear camouflage as FASHION! They were t-shirts, jackets, ball-caps, pants, boots, backpacks, gloves...anything that is camouflage. They don't wear them all at the same time, but it is still weird to me. Girls who I'm sure have never picked up a gun in their life and who gripe everytime their daddy kills Bambi are wearing camo.

But it's not just the camo that I find offensive. It's what is done to it to make it "girly". I saw a sorority girl walking around today in a t-shirt advertising the type of "greek" she is. Her t-shirt was camouflage with PINK. LETTERS! PINK! ON CAMOUFLAGE! I am outraged by this. And if I'm outraged, men everywhere should start a revolt because they are crazy, spittin' mad that women have desecrated their very manly clothes that go with a very manly ritual of killing and eating their kill. It's bad enough that women watch football, and we choose teams according to the "pretty colors" of their uniforms (You notice I said, "we", this time. I do comment on colors.) and by who has the nicest butts. Now they have to deal with women slapping some pink on THEIR clothes.

And if I were an alumna of LSU, I would be fiercely opposed to the sunvisor I saw today. YES! It was camouflage...with PINK LSU. It's just not right, I tell you. And it's really not right when a girl wears a camouflage sweatshirt and a Budweiser cap. God, am I really back in the South?


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