Monday, January 03, 2005

I was at the Broussard's house tonight, and we were bored. So we started cooking and concocting stuff in the kitchen. Marion focused on her shrimp creole, which I must say was out of this world! It was so delicious. EA and I worried about what to do with the almost overripe avocados sitting on the counter. So we made guacamole. We patted ourselves on the back because it, too, was amazing. Yeah, we ate guacamole and chips as an appetizer for shrimp creole. So what?

So EA and I cut up and slightly mashed three avocados. We put almost 1/3 of a can of Rotel tomatoes in it with the juice of one lemon, some chopped onion, and salt. We were eating it and were pretty proud of it when Marion came over to try it. She brought Tony Chachere's and Harry T's seasoning salts. It was GROSS with Tony's and after that, I didn't even want to test Harry T's on it. But I did. And that. was. the. key. ingredient. It was so delicious. A few more people came over, and we wiped out that bowl in no time. We were so excited about this new discovery. We sat and relished how good it tasted in our guacamole. I mean, we talked about it for minutes!

Later on while Marion was stirring her shrimp creole, EA was playing with the can of Harry T's seasoning salt, like, she was taking the lid off and stuff. And pretty soon, she said, "Um...I'm pretty sure there are bugs in here." So I looked in, and there were holes in the layer of, tunnel holes. And as I focused in on the stuff, I saw them. I saw the weevils moving about in there. I pulled out a clump of seasoning and broke it down, and there were a bunch of larvae in there...just squirming around in the seasoning salt. And I though of how maybe there are now little weevil eggs in my stomach. I haven't yet decided whether that is cool or gross. All Marion could say was that she was wondering why it didn't have it's usual kick. But the shrimp creole was really good.


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