Saturday, January 08, 2005

I don't like the first quarter of the year in this part of Dixie. There's no more college football to watch. There's no baseball. I like the idea of basketball as a sport, but I just don't like to sit down and watch it unless someone I know is playing. Then I'd be all over that game, yelling, clapping, chanting, and doing other crazy fan stuff.

Last year, for example, I had two little friends playing high school basketball. I went to almost every game they played. I would cheer for them and give the refs a good ear-full. It was a lot of fun. This year one of the two is playing basketball at BYU, and the other is at BYU learning how to be rich. But this year, there's no one to watch. I'd watch Mary play at BYU, but when do BYU women's basketball games ever get televised? Never. They don't have a real presence in women's basketball.

Anyway, there's nothing to get excited about here in the Winter. If it were snowing, I'd be outside all the time sledding and, I guess, just cross-country skiing since there's no chance we'd be doing any alpine skiing. But there is no snow.

I can't wait until Spring because baseball will start, but the Braves are being dismantled...again, and I'm getting depressed again that they're going to suck in 2005. But that's what I thought last year, and they didn't suck. They just did the usual choking in the playoffs. So this year will hopefully be a repeat of last year. The only players I know anymore are Jonny Estrada and the old standards: Chipper, Andruw, Smoltz, and Franco. The Braves depress me. Why have I been a fan since the womb?!

Um...what else? Reasons to love the Winter here? Mardi Gras, um..., that's it. Mardi Gras. I'm having a fun day today.


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