Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Wow! The following stuff is from the blog of a girl I've met once, and I have no idea how I found it. But it's pretty damn funny for obvious reasons...obvious to anyone who loves good grammar, that is, and appropriate punctuation, and other things. It's my new favorite blog just for those delights. I'm hesitant to post the address to the blog here because I don't want to be linked to her blog where she can track back to me. I have to work with her mother.

"Wow!It is two days till I leave to move to BYU-Idaho!I have been so busy packing my stuff up!I have went through most of my stuff I am packing my clothes now!Kinda briefing you on the past few weeks!I had Gal bladder surgery!Last week!Everything went great!I feel so much better now!I And I never hurt after the surgery!But Thursday was my last day at kayes!Thank goodness!I needed a break from working!And i needed those days to start packing!I didn't realize I had so many clothes! I am so excited to go up there!I a ready to meet roommates!And be out on my own! I had a good Christmas!i got a video camcorder !brandi and Courtney did to!so we can send videos back and forth!well i still have so much work to do!I am having a party Wednesday!and leaving Thursday!"

She makes me think of Elaine from Seinfeld.

"Today i cleaned house!it needed it!but anyways i just chilled around the house all day!watching tv,folding clothes,and washing dishes!i have been trying to situate my stuff since now i share a room with my courtney!brandi mixed all my stuff together!but today was the choirs concert!it went really really good!i think i did great and it was so awesome to see all the different people there to see me!Mike sherelyn and janice bethany!and my family i felt very great!but anyways now i am tired and off to bed!Did i tell about me going to the planetarium a few days ago with janice!we watched the movie van helsing!It was a great movie!Janice is so kool to hang with i wish we could hang out more often!But anyways i am off to bed!I hope i remeber to go vote tommorow!!"


"Interests: I love music!!I plan to be on broadway someday!!Right now i am attending TECH!I am just taking one class which is Private Voice Lessons!I am taking from Dr. Laura Thompson!!She is so great!!She is preparing me for BYU-I auditions to get into the choir!!I am so excited!!
Expertise: I can sing very very good!!I llove computers!!I dont know why i just love surfing the net!!most people think i am weird but oh well!I am just like every one of you subscribed to Xanga!!LOL
Occupation: Student"

I have read entire novels with fewer exclamation points than these three paragraphs. And what's with the random capitalization? "broadway" but "Private Voice Lessons". I don't get it. I really hope she "can sing very very good" because she ain't gonna get very far with that foreign language she's speakin'.

And has the girl ever even heard of a conjunction? You know, those words that combine two sentences or phrases? I feel like I am reading the writing of a child. It is very very bad!She hurts my head!She live in the country!She don't knowno better!That is why she go to school!I hope byui Teaches Her Something!!


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