Friday, December 03, 2004

Today I had this week's fifth and final exam, and it. was. a. joke! Before the week started, I would tell people that I had a test in calculus and finals in chemistry lab, microbiology, microbiology lab, and aerobics, and people would chuckle and say something like, " aerobics final. What do you have to do? Aerobicise? Har...har..." I would think, "Stupid!" and then I would say something like, "You don't even know! I have a PACKET of stuff I have to read, and she could just pick any random sentence to test us on."

So I read through the material given us by the teacher, and I made NOTE.CARDS! of the stuff I deemed important or test-questionable. I got to class today, and when she passed out the test, I just flew through the first page, which was fill-in-the-blank, but there was one blank I couldn't remember the answer to. So I just kept going. When I got to the bottom of the page, there it was! all of its glory...something that I hadn't seen on a test since my early high school years...A WORD BANK!!! A word bank! Can you believe it? In college? An acredited college that has a top-notch pharmacy school and nursing school? A word bank, people! So, I got all of those answers right.

A word bank...and I was just kidding when I suggested that to the teacher.


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