Friday, September 24, 2004

Wednesday, we had a lunch/office meeting where we took Dianne and Paula out in public. It was horrible. I'm not even going to take the time to discribe all of the bitching, moaning, and complaining they did throughout the entire lunch. It mostly has to do with tea and hamburgers. Anyway, so we were discussing office business. Before I went to the lunch, I was at my parents' house, and my mom told me to tell the sisters that they ARE NOT TO PHONE THE HOUSE at 8:02 and 8:05 in the morning if my dad isn't there at 8:00. So I brought that up. I said, "My mom is sleeping, and my dad knows when he's supposed to be there. You calling her is pointless because a) she doesn't know if he's gone, b) she's not going to get out of bed to check, c) she's not going to pick up the phone anyway, and d) she's going to start deducting from your bonus everytime you call within minutes of 8:00. Just don't do it. I know you're going to be itching to pick up the phone and call, but resist or you'll have a smaller bonus." It gave me great pleasure to make these statements.

After I finished saying that, Paula started, "Well..." I stopped her by saying, "Just don't. It's that easy. Just don't do it." That pleased me, too.

I went to the office this morning after class to wish Connie and Jamie (I quit that fake name crap) a happy and fun weekend. Those two are to me what Caroline and George are to Donald Trump on "The Apprentice": my eyes and ears. Jamie told me that yesterday after lunch, my mom called the office wanting to talk to DD. Paula went back to tell her my mom was on the line, and Dianne said, "I can't pick up the phone right now. It's 2:02. I'll call her back when I can." Jamie said she then got up from her desk and went into her bathroom.

That just makes me laugh so hard. I told my mom about it and then I told her that I'm writing a letter to Dianne to tell her exactly how I feel about her. My mom is leary. She says, "It's better to be kind than right." I said, "I've been kind long enough. I'm gonna make that bitch's eyes burn." I would love to tell her to her face what I think, but I don't want to forget anything and I don't want to swear. I at least want to be better than her in that respect. I want to write out a well thought-out letter with all of the points I want to bring up. Then I'm going to mail it to her. Then I'm going to post it here. Then I'm going to email it to a couple of other people. And everyone who reads it, except for Dianne can laugh with me. I don't know when I'll do this, though. My mom will probably tell my dad that I'm writing a letter. He will probably ask me not to do it. And that's when leverage will come in. I'm going to tell my dad that if he doesn't tell her to 1) mind her own business, 2) stop talking badly about my family, 3) cut out her superiority complex, 4) quit telling all of Monroe who makes how much, 5) treating Connie, Jamie, AND Paula like dogs, 6) treating all patients like thieving retards, 7) do her job during office hours and side-projects on her own time, 8) stop bullying anybody she encounters, especially in the office, 9) act civilised when we go out together as an office, 10) stop burping and coughing in people's faces, 11) get some meds or psychological therapy for that damned hacking cough, 12) take a course on basic etiquette, 13) I can go on all day, I WILL write and send a letter telling her that she needs to do them. She disgusts me in every way, and she angers me. I'm a tense person when it comes to that woman. God, I can't stand her!


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