Saturday, September 11, 2004

I was reminded of a funny story this morning.

One year while at BYU, my calling in my church congregation was that of "Relief Society teacher". (For those not in the know, all LDS women belong to the Relief Society, which is also one of the classes most women go to on Sundays if those women don't work with the little children or teens. It's sort of like another Sunday School class, except the lessons for this class don't come straight from the scriptures. They're usually topical lessons.) One Saturday night, a friend of mine, Janessa, was coming to Provo for the rest of the weekend. We congregated over at her brother's mother-in-law's house, a usual hang-out for me, with Rikki (daughter of Joanne, the mother-in-law). We were playing some game and eating Reese's pieces, and at some point Reese's pieces became airborn in a childish war. Joanne was in on the war, as well.

The next morning Janessa and Rikki showed up for my lesson, and they brought a Reese's piece and offered it as good luck. So I ate it, and they laughed. I asked them what was so funny, and Rikki said that her mom had found it earlier that morning in her bellybutton. I was a) grossed out and b) laughing the whole way through my lesson. I love that story.


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