Sunday, September 26, 2004

I realise that every so often everyone makes speaking mistakes; our tongues get tied, we have bad grammar, we don't tawk good, we're George W., whatever. Sometimes people make huge mistakes that are forever recorded on tape or a hard drive somewhere, and it's those times when I'm glad someone else is making the mistake.

Tonight on the news we had a great, beautiful, glorious mistake made. The story was about a 40-year-old dorm building on campus that was imploded earlier this morning. Our university is trying to enter this kindergarten-aged millenium (depending on when the millenium started for you) by updating buildings, constructing more lavish dormitories, and basically making the campus easier to look at. After explaining the manner in which the old building was taken down, the reporter concluded the bit by saying, "This endeavor is all part of a $70 million beatification project." That's right...beatification. Apparently beatification can be bought for a cool $70 million these days. What comes after beatification? If OUR football team wins a game this year, is that the miracle that would put us on the path to sainthood? How much does that go for, I wonder? Would ULM get it's own saint candle? Would it talk with God? Who would do the talking? Put me down for 3 of those candles. I'll make a shrine and pray we win a game.


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