Friday, September 17, 2004

The end of the affair has arrived. I no longer have to worry about what I'm going to say to the crush when he makes small talk. I'm SO over him. I have a very low tolerance for drunk people. They are obnoxious and irresponsible. I mean, I don't care if you drink on your own time holed up in your house or a bar. Just don't drink or be drunk in front of me, unless I'm over at your house. By all means...I am a guest. Drink until you explode if you want to. Whatever.

Anyway, the crush... We had a test in calculus today, on which I got 100%, and he came rumbling into class with a goofy grin on his face. I admit, it was a cute one. But it wasn't just a goofy grin that he came with. The grin was dragging an alcohol soaked body with it. He smelled so bad. My infatuation was over within a split second of him walking into class. All of my nervousness was gone. The thing that made me mad was that some of the other guys in there were laughing and saying stuff like, "Right on!" and "Dude, you the man!" I think public drunkeness should be looked on scornfully, but the people in class were all but buying the man his next drink. Ugh!


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