Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Update number two: When my cohorts at work and I determined that none of us had changed the cube, that my dad most likely had not done it, and that Dianne's sister wouldn't have done it, that only left us to conclude that the computer guy, who was there earlier in the day had done it. I'm sure DD thought, "Oh yeah, blame it on the guy who can't defend himself, you little wenches!" BUT...tonight at church, the computer guy was there. I wasn't sure that the guy I saw was our computer guy until I realised that he works for our normal computer guy. When I found that out, I asked him, "Spencer, did you work on a computer in a dental office today?" He said, "Yes." I asked, "Did you mess with Dianne's shmubiks cube?" He answered in the affirmative. I proceeded to relate him the shmubiks cube drama. He laughed and said he'd apologize to her and fix it, but then I told him that she had thrown it away. He almost peed his pants. And then I said, "Don't worry about apologizing. I like letting her think that I did it and that I'm vindictive. That means I'm dangerous!" So we will see what happens with this tomorrow.


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