Friday, August 20, 2004

I would like to say that paying tithing is sort of like using Discover. You give some money, and sometimes get HUGE paybacks. That's how I feel about the grant I got for school. I was feeling so guilty about thinking about asking my dad for tuition money. Then I went to the financial aid office on a whim and found out that I was eligible to receive all of this money. It's awesome! And, boy, am I glad I got that grant because this morning I went to buy books. I bought books for 5 classes, and a book for another class is still on order or something. So books for the 5 classes cost me $358.72! That's an average of $71.74 per book. The cheapest was $5.15 and the most expensive is $102.45. That's just disgusting. I wonder what the other book will cost. It will obviously be new since it's on order. I'm SO glad I'm getting money. Woo! Hoo! I also got a free 1 subject college-ruled notebook from the bookstore. How generous IS that?!


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