Saturday, August 14, 2004

I only went to the office for a few minutes on Wednesday because I missed Muffy and Prudence. They are fun folks. But a few minutes was all I could stand. One cough from Dianne, and I was all tensed up again. Muffy told me that DD was mad because I hadn't told her that I was going to be gone Monday and Tuesday. "I want to kill this [office manager]. I can't believe this violence in mind. And is her power all in [writing checks]. But I believe in peace. I believe in peace, bitch!" (I really love Tori Amos. She just knows what to say at times like these.) Why does Dianne feel like my travels are her business? This just really bugs me. Have I mentioned that I hate her?

Basically my job right now is making sure that my grandmother is comfortable and that she has everything that she needs. I put her on her range-of-motion machine, I take her to physical therapy, I cook three times a day unless she wants me to go somewhere to get something, I get her water and drugs and icepacks. It's a pretty good job because I eat good food, I don't spend money, I have my own room, she doesn't cough or smell, she isn't crusty, and she wouldn't mind my messing up her rubiks cube if she had one. We watch a lot of "Golden Girls", the funniest show ever made for senior citizens, "JAG" (mmm...that one guy...) and every Braves game that comes on TV. I love the Braves, and I'm happy that they are really rockin' right now.

So yesterday, I was dreading having to go to the office to get my check because I didn't want to talk to DD. I really lucked out because when I got there Pushy was walking out of the door, and Dianne was following her. DD saw me and asked, "Oh. Are you staying here this afternoon?" And I triumphantly said, "No, I'm going to get my check. I'll set the alarm." That was all. I'm sure she was pissed, and that's what I like to evoke in her.


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