Thursday, August 12, 2004

I had a wonderfully long weekend that is still going on as far as Dianne is concerned. It started last Friday after I completed my final. I aced that class, by the way. I drove up to Memphis to play with my friend Rachael and her husband Nate. I had never been to Memphis before, and everyone kept telling me to go to Graceland. But guess what. I don't particularly care for Elvis. Sure I respect his rock royalty because he was a pioneer for the white man in rock, but I just don't care for 99% of his songs, and his movies are chee- to the -easy! So there.

We ate food and went to see Napoleon Dynamite, the funniest movie of the year...perhaps the funniest of the decade. I was depressed that it hadn't been released here, yet I was constantly teased by the trailers on TV. I was so happy to know that it was in Memphis. In fact, my only real goal for Memphis, besides seeing Rachael, was to go see this movie. I can't wait until it finally comes to Monroe. I will probably go see it everyday.

I was also told that I should go eat ribs at a place called Rendezvous. The ribs were great after I had drowned them in barbeque sauce. I guess I'm not much of a dry-rub person. Happiness was mine when we went to eat at a Thai restaurant on Saturday and when Rachael cooked Indian on Sunday. Mmm...chicken tikka masala...mmm... We also ate the best macaroons ever at a casino in Tunica, Mississippi, where I won 20 bucks. That's always awesome 'cause hey, free meal.

Sunday night I went with them to other friends' house to play what is apparently THE mormon, cult boardgame (I hate to use "mormon" and "cult" side-by-side like that because we're not a cult, but I lack the sufficient vocabulary tonight to say anything but "cult"), Settlers of Catan. It's sort of like Risk, as I understand it. I'd never played that either. Anyway, it was such a fun game, and I have taken on the duty of getting that going here in Monroe. I just need to find the game first. Also, I need to buy a case of sunflower seeds. Eating those seems like a good during-the-game activity.

Monday morning, I got up and drove straight down to New Orleans because my friend Bonnie was going to be down there for a conference. It was going to be her first time in the city, and it was a good reason for me to go down there...not that I need a reason. I can go anytime I want to, DIE. ANNE.!! AND I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT I'M GOING EITHER!!!

Anyway, so Bonnie and I basically sweat a lot because it was really hot and muggy. It was disgusting. We ate beignets and fudge and po-boys and waffles and nasty ice cream and stuff. The funniest part to me was when Bonnie wanted to go see the NASCAR "movie" at the IMAX theater. It was in 3-D, and we figured that it would be a pretty wild, almost amusment park ride type of thing because the brochure warned those who suffer from motion-sickness not to go. So I was sold. It would be a harmless, stupid, and fun thing to watch for an hour. HOWEVER, it turned out to be a history of the "sport" and Dale Earnhardt number 3 hooey, blah, blah, blah... But the good thing was that we cooled and dried off while watching the thing.

I am in awe that anyone would go to a race track in the hot, sweltering sun for four hours to watch cars go around and around and around hoping for a crash or something exciting because that's just wrong. There is nothing else to do there either but get drunk, take off your shirt and holler some yeehaws every now and again. A car race probably isn't even that dramatic until the last 5 or 6 laps. So what's the point? I really want to know. I'm dying for anyone to tell me, and if you're a hick, I don't want to hear from you. You probably throw tires around for fun.

We went to eat breakfast at my favorite place to eat in New Orleans...not because it is authentic Nawlins cuisine or anything, but because the people who work there are having fun. It's called the Camellia Grille, and they serve breakfast food and hamburgers and some of the yummiest pecan pie ever made. If you're ever down in The Big Easy, go there to eat breakfast and have you some pecan pie. Bonnie doesn't like pecans, so she just doesn't know what I'm talkin' about.


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