Thursday, August 12, 2004

Body hair generally disgusts me, especially when the body hair in question does not belong to me (hair that covers the scalp being the exception). But I hate my own body hair as well. I feel like a woolly bear, and the thing is, I'm not a hairy person. The hair that covers my arms and legs is blond and very fine. I can't even see it unless I'm holding a limb up to my face in front of some source of light. But when I do that, I feel like my name should be Sasquatsch or something because I don't know why. I have this hair on the edge of my hands that just grosses me out, and so I have to find my dad's clippers and clip it off. Remember: this hair is not visible to anyone unless it's being searched for, or you happen to be Angela, my nail person. She likes to make a point of clipping off the two hairs that grow on my little toes. I would shave it off when I shave my legs, but one false move, and goodbye little toes. My toes are so little that I don't risk setting anything sharp on them. But OH MY GOODNESS! There's so much on the edge of my hands. I feel like if I had just the right tweezers, I could braid it. Today, I need to go find my dad's clippers and rid myself of it.


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