Thursday, July 01, 2004

There are times when I miss being in Utah, and those times are when I'm craving Taco Time. Is that sick or what? Okay, there are other times when I miss Utah, too, and usually all of those instances revolve around food...PF Chang's, Cafe Rio, Lenito's, Beto's, Jacinto's, Kneaders, Einstein's Bagels...mmm...bagels..., etc. I think I'm hungry. Anyway, I also miss Utah in the winter when I want to be attempting to break something else while playing in the snow. See, it's not all about food. I miss the mountains, too. Big, beautiful piles of rock!

So it's been raining here almost non-stop for the past week, and when it's not raining it's hot and muggy. I have to chew on the air before it can go down to my lungs. I sweat for no reason. I have to take a shower just to dry off. It's so disgusting. Good grief, I hate Monroe in the Summer!

Not subscribing to any stereotypes or anything, but when a guy flits around class calling girls sweetie and honey, describing bacteria as "precious", claiming to have a black light in his room, and singing Shania Twain songs, I feel like I'm burning up because "Honey, turn that flame down! I can't learn in all this heat!" Anyway, this guy (he calls himself "Charles") BUGS me to death because he floats around the biology lab looking in on everybody's work and telling them what's going on as if he's the Grand Pu-bah of filamentous algae. "Yeah, thanks! I know. We're at the same level, peer!" I hate people like that. And if he weren't a know-it-all, I'd ask if I could go see his black light and discover that he also has a mirrorball in his room, and it would just be so fabulous.

I'm thrilled that tomorrow is the last day of this biology course. The professor is extremely boring and nervous all of the time. My lab partner has finally turned me completely off, as if his smoking weren't enough. Yesterday he totally ditched class and lab knowing that TODAY we had to present our project and results to the class. We hadn't completed the power-point presentation, and we certainly had not discussed who would say what when. I had him meet me at the lab yesterday afternoon, where we went over all of my notes on our "ponds", my observations, the results, etc. I told him what to type on the slides. He said he'd give the presentation since he didn't get to class. We had previously had problems with our microscope and camera that hampered our ability to effectively study growth in our ponds, but all of that was fixed. I saw some great microbes and new plant-life, and I told him all about them.

I told him not to say anything about our microscope and camera; he thought it would be funny, but I said it would just detract from the presentation. So he said he wouldn't. What did he do today?! HE TOLD ABOUT THE CAMERA AND MICROSCOPE! HE SAID WE COULDN'T EXAMINE OUR WORK! He didn't say anything about all of my observations. He said that everything had died in our ponds. I wanted to leap out of my chair and strangle him. Most of his time was spent giving out excuses for not having a good project, which is complete bullshit. I still want to slice him with a slide! I know I should have stood up and taken over, but I was just so stunned. I still can't believe it. But no matter what our score on the presentation, I should still get an A in the lab. I've gotten perfect scores on everything else. I won't bitch too much.

Okay, this guy sitting across from me right now (I'm in the computer lab at school.) was just on the phone with someone and got perturbed about something, so he slammed his phone shut, stood up, and said, "What's got into that cat? Friskies!" What in the world?! He gets mad and quotes the jingle to a catfood commercial? I guess it's better than poppin' a cap in somebody.

I'm still hungry.


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