Friday, July 16, 2004

So I was looking through my notes from class yesterday, and I noticed a quote that I had written in the margin.  Whenever people say stupid things, I write them in my notebook.  The quote from yesterday was one of the sparks that started my "get out of your box" fire.  The answer to one of our homework problems, when calculated out completely, was 15.99987793, but to be more complicated, the book left the answer as this:  16(1-(1/2)^17) [^17, means to the 17th power].  So some people were up in arms about the answer and they asked the professor to work out the problem.  When she wrote the solution as 16, people had a fit, and she had to explain that the book answer, when completed equals 15.99987793, or 16 when rounded up.  After that some girl asked, and this is the quote I wrote, "So we don't have to go with the book?"  NO!  15.99, 16, and 16(1-(1/2)^17) are synonymous!  Damn, people!


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