Thursday, July 29, 2004

Name of the day:  Katherine Eve.  This is the name of the day because one of my greatest friends, Becky, gave birth to her first child, the name of the day, this afternoon at 4:11 PM PST.  She weighed in at 8'8" and is 20 inches long.  She has lots of dark hair, long eyelashes, big hands and feet, and she picks her nose...she must favor her dad.  When she grows up and is in college, I will make it my duty to go to her campus and pick her up when she should be in class and take her to lunch just like I did with her mom when we were at school. 

I tried my hardest to get Becky to call the girl Carrie Eve because that sounds so much more festive than Katherine Eve.  "Yay!  It's Carrie Eve!" as opposed to "oh.  it's katherine eve.  woohoo. *finger twirl*"  Carrie Eve sounds more festive than Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, even.  I don't know why anyone would pick Katherine Eve over Carrie Eve, but Becky did.  I wish I were in Cali so I could see little Kate.  I bet she's so adorable.  Congratulations, Becky and Craig!  I love y'all!  Smother Kate in kisses for me.


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