Monday, July 26, 2004

Name of the day:  Teriyaka.  Um...this girl was in my class in high school, and I saw her the other day from afar.  I was reminded that hey, she has a "name of the day"-worthy name.  I've been lazy about looking for weird names or names that I'm fond of.  There are so many crazy names around this place, that it's sort of become boring searching for them.  I've found that I don't even have to search for them.  I can just open up the paper or go to class and hear a non-name.  By the way, Teriyaka is in no way Japanese nor is she a Japanese dish.  She is simply unfortunate.

I'm so excited about doing well in my algebra class.  I've said before that I was no good in the subject back in the day, but now I rarely miss a point.  Of the 2 tests, 6 quizzes, and 5 in-class projects, I've only missed 3 points!!  I'm cruising along at break-neck speed, and it's awesome!  I just checked my score from the test today, and I ACED IT!  100/100!  I'm excited because I was a little stressed for this test.  I was doing some of the review problems Saturday, and I was just confused most of the time.  I managed to work through all but two of them.  But before the test, I asked her if she would demonstrate how to work those, and she did.  So now I know all.  When I got the test and leafed through it, I was relieved to see that I knew how to work everything.  I was going to be mad at myself if I did miss anything.  On the first test, I missed two points because I totally didn't think about identifying a certain point on a problem.  I guess I've gotten over it.  Because of those two points, I can't have a perfect score.  I mentioned that I've missed three points.  The other was on a quiz, and our two lowest get dropped.  I have room for redemption.

After graduating high school (now over 10 years ago), I never really saw anyone I went to school with.  I did have my band of friends, but after going west for school, most of us lost contact.  I only know where 3 of those people are.  But lately, I've seen so many people from my class:  people I haven't even thought of since the day I got my paper from that place.  I see at least one a day, it seems.  One guy is even in my algebra class.  Another guy has a class a floor up from me.  A girl came into my father's office last week as a new patient.  Several others have been creeping into my dad's office here and there.

I was chatting with my latest crush the other night, and he remarked how funny it was that we (our peers who had left Monroe in search of fun) are now slowly coming home.  It is peculiar.  I mean, I am partial to Monroe because this is where I grew up for the most part.  I always say that I'd much rather be anywhere else, yet here I am.  Maybe all of those others whom I've not seen for 10 years are feeling something of the same thing.  Why, God?!  Why?!

My grandmother went to hospital today to have a total knee-replacement.  I have now sort of moved into her house to A) take care of her cat while she's gone and to B) take care of her once she returns.  I'm glad that I now have a room that I don't have to kick my mom out of.  I'm happy about the next 10 days of quiet I get to enjoy.  I'm a little nervous about having to take care of Mimi, though.  I like being alone in my room, and I don't want to offend her sensibilities when I'm here but she wants me out in the living room.  That might annoy me a little.  In fact, it's the sole reason why I didn't move in here a long time ago.  I guess I'll have to wait and see how it goes.

Okay.  It's only 10:00, and I think I'm going to turn in for the evening.  It's a great idea.  And I don't have to kick my mom out, and I don't have to listen to her banging pots and pans around in the kitchen right across the hall from my room.  See, she loves to do the dishes around 1AM.  I think she only does this to annoy me.  She also turns on the dishwasher when she's done.  So that roars well into the morning.  She obviously has no clue how loud that machine is.


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