Saturday, July 17, 2004

I woke up to the most awesome thunderstorm ever this morning.  There was constant banging, rumbling, and ripping for 2 straight hours.  I loved it.  Well, I loved what I stayed awake for.  It started at 6 AM.  That's too early for a Saturday, but it's difficult to be mad at thunder because thunder just doesn't care.
My cat doesn't like thunder at all.  I think if he would have been outside during the storm, he would have actively sought out a moving car to run underneath.  He suffers mental anguish when there are loud noises, and we've had a lot of thunderstorms lately.  It's really funny watching him low-ride through the house.  He only settled down when his dog let him curl up next to her.
There was an election today that I didn't know anything about until around 11:00 this morning when my dad burst into my room ordering me to go vote.  I hate when he does that because A) I didn't even know anything about the election and B) he tells me how to vote.  The election today was to approve a tax that would help fund the parish health unit and the animal shelter.  My dad wanted me to vote "no" because he doesn't want to put forth an extra $26 a year toward welfare recipients and animals.  I voted "yes" because, while I disagree with healthy, able, yet unemployed, illegitimate baby-machines living off of our tax dollars, I do agree that we should help those who can't help themselves.  I'm not all about punishing the helpless because some people are lazy.  I also have a soft spot for animals.


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