Monday, July 19, 2004

I was just sitting here getting ready for class, when I had a flashback to shopping and walking around Grenoble, a small city in the Rhône-Alps region of France, and I was stricken with a strong desire to live there again.  The city is beautiful.  There are huge mountains surrounding the city, and there is a fortress sitting on top of one of them.  There is a river that flows through it, and shops line each bank.  I love walking around downtown because the streets are cobblestone, there are cafés everywhere, the smell of pastries dominates, there are tons of shops in alleys, there are fountains in random places, and I love riding the trolley everywhere.  Mostly, though, I love the people.  It was so fun sitting at a café, watching people pass, and eventually striking up a great conversation with the people sitting at the neighboring table.  We would rarely know each other's name, but for a few moments we were great friends discussing whatever the topic of the day was, whether it was Bush, Chirac, Rafarin, l'OM (Marseille's football club), or that most evil of monopolies, France Telecom.  I miss France.


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