Thursday, July 29, 2004

Name of the day:  Katherine Eve.  This is the name of the day because one of my greatest friends, Becky, gave birth to her first child, the name of the day, this afternoon at 4:11 PM PST.  She weighed in at 8'8" and is 20 inches long.  She has lots of dark hair, long eyelashes, big hands and feet, and she picks her nose...she must favor her dad.  When she grows up and is in college, I will make it my duty to go to her campus and pick her up when she should be in class and take her to lunch just like I did with her mom when we were at school. 

I tried my hardest to get Becky to call the girl Carrie Eve because that sounds so much more festive than Katherine Eve.  "Yay!  It's Carrie Eve!" as opposed to "oh.  it's katherine eve.  woohoo. *finger twirl*"  Carrie Eve sounds more festive than Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, even.  I don't know why anyone would pick Katherine Eve over Carrie Eve, but Becky did.  I wish I were in Cali so I could see little Kate.  I bet she's so adorable.  Congratulations, Becky and Craig!  I love y'all!  Smother Kate in kisses for me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Good morning.  I just checked my score again because I'm dumb.  No...wait...because I'm Awesome!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Name of the day:  Teriyaka.  Um...this girl was in my class in high school, and I saw her the other day from afar.  I was reminded that hey, she has a "name of the day"-worthy name.  I've been lazy about looking for weird names or names that I'm fond of.  There are so many crazy names around this place, that it's sort of become boring searching for them.  I've found that I don't even have to search for them.  I can just open up the paper or go to class and hear a non-name.  By the way, Teriyaka is in no way Japanese nor is she a Japanese dish.  She is simply unfortunate.

I'm so excited about doing well in my algebra class.  I've said before that I was no good in the subject back in the day, but now I rarely miss a point.  Of the 2 tests, 6 quizzes, and 5 in-class projects, I've only missed 3 points!!  I'm cruising along at break-neck speed, and it's awesome!  I just checked my score from the test today, and I ACED IT!  100/100!  I'm excited because I was a little stressed for this test.  I was doing some of the review problems Saturday, and I was just confused most of the time.  I managed to work through all but two of them.  But before the test, I asked her if she would demonstrate how to work those, and she did.  So now I know all.  When I got the test and leafed through it, I was relieved to see that I knew how to work everything.  I was going to be mad at myself if I did miss anything.  On the first test, I missed two points because I totally didn't think about identifying a certain point on a problem.  I guess I've gotten over it.  Because of those two points, I can't have a perfect score.  I mentioned that I've missed three points.  The other was on a quiz, and our two lowest get dropped.  I have room for redemption.

After graduating high school (now over 10 years ago), I never really saw anyone I went to school with.  I did have my band of friends, but after going west for school, most of us lost contact.  I only know where 3 of those people are.  But lately, I've seen so many people from my class:  people I haven't even thought of since the day I got my paper from that place.  I see at least one a day, it seems.  One guy is even in my algebra class.  Another guy has a class a floor up from me.  A girl came into my father's office last week as a new patient.  Several others have been creeping into my dad's office here and there.

I was chatting with my latest crush the other night, and he remarked how funny it was that we (our peers who had left Monroe in search of fun) are now slowly coming home.  It is peculiar.  I mean, I am partial to Monroe because this is where I grew up for the most part.  I always say that I'd much rather be anywhere else, yet here I am.  Maybe all of those others whom I've not seen for 10 years are feeling something of the same thing.  Why, God?!  Why?!

My grandmother went to hospital today to have a total knee-replacement.  I have now sort of moved into her house to A) take care of her cat while she's gone and to B) take care of her once she returns.  I'm glad that I now have a room that I don't have to kick my mom out of.  I'm happy about the next 10 days of quiet I get to enjoy.  I'm a little nervous about having to take care of Mimi, though.  I like being alone in my room, and I don't want to offend her sensibilities when I'm here but she wants me out in the living room.  That might annoy me a little.  In fact, it's the sole reason why I didn't move in here a long time ago.  I guess I'll have to wait and see how it goes.

Okay.  It's only 10:00, and I think I'm going to turn in for the evening.  It's a great idea.  And I don't have to kick my mom out, and I don't have to listen to her banging pots and pans around in the kitchen right across the hall from my room.  See, she loves to do the dishes around 1AM.  I think she only does this to annoy me.  She also turns on the dishwasher when she's done.  So that roars well into the morning.  She obviously has no clue how loud that machine is.

Monday, July 19, 2004

I was just sitting here getting ready for class, when I had a flashback to shopping and walking around Grenoble, a small city in the Rhône-Alps region of France, and I was stricken with a strong desire to live there again.  The city is beautiful.  There are huge mountains surrounding the city, and there is a fortress sitting on top of one of them.  There is a river that flows through it, and shops line each bank.  I love walking around downtown because the streets are cobblestone, there are cafés everywhere, the smell of pastries dominates, there are tons of shops in alleys, there are fountains in random places, and I love riding the trolley everywhere.  Mostly, though, I love the people.  It was so fun sitting at a café, watching people pass, and eventually striking up a great conversation with the people sitting at the neighboring table.  We would rarely know each other's name, but for a few moments we were great friends discussing whatever the topic of the day was, whether it was Bush, Chirac, Rafarin, l'OM (Marseille's football club), or that most evil of monopolies, France Telecom.  I miss France.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I woke up to the most awesome thunderstorm ever this morning.  There was constant banging, rumbling, and ripping for 2 straight hours.  I loved it.  Well, I loved what I stayed awake for.  It started at 6 AM.  That's too early for a Saturday, but it's difficult to be mad at thunder because thunder just doesn't care.
My cat doesn't like thunder at all.  I think if he would have been outside during the storm, he would have actively sought out a moving car to run underneath.  He suffers mental anguish when there are loud noises, and we've had a lot of thunderstorms lately.  It's really funny watching him low-ride through the house.  He only settled down when his dog let him curl up next to her.
There was an election today that I didn't know anything about until around 11:00 this morning when my dad burst into my room ordering me to go vote.  I hate when he does that because A) I didn't even know anything about the election and B) he tells me how to vote.  The election today was to approve a tax that would help fund the parish health unit and the animal shelter.  My dad wanted me to vote "no" because he doesn't want to put forth an extra $26 a year toward welfare recipients and animals.  I voted "yes" because, while I disagree with healthy, able, yet unemployed, illegitimate baby-machines living off of our tax dollars, I do agree that we should help those who can't help themselves.  I'm not all about punishing the helpless because some people are lazy.  I also have a soft spot for animals.

Friday, July 16, 2004

So I was looking through my notes from class yesterday, and I noticed a quote that I had written in the margin.  Whenever people say stupid things, I write them in my notebook.  The quote from yesterday was one of the sparks that started my "get out of your box" fire.  The answer to one of our homework problems, when calculated out completely, was 15.99987793, but to be more complicated, the book left the answer as this:  16(1-(1/2)^17) [^17, means to the 17th power].  So some people were up in arms about the answer and they asked the professor to work out the problem.  When she wrote the solution as 16, people had a fit, and she had to explain that the book answer, when completed equals 15.99987793, or 16 when rounded up.  After that some girl asked, and this is the quote I wrote, "So we don't have to go with the book?"  NO!  15.99, 16, and 16(1-(1/2)^17) are synonymous!  Damn, people!

I'm having trouble lately with people who can't think outside of the box.  I've always had trouble with them, actually.  I guess recently it's been magnified because I'm taking an algebra course.  It's hardly noteworthy the fact that I'm a college graduate, yet I'm taking college algebra.  But it has been almost 10 years since I've taken a math course, and if I'm going to take chemistry and physics classes, I need to reintroduce myself to basic algebraic functions.
Anyway, I feel like I'm in a class with people who have never seen numbers before.  Whenever we're learning new principles in the class, the professor always walks us through several examples step by step.  Granted, she isn't the best at clearly explaining things, but I get it. 
Let's say we have a model equation:  an=a1+(n-1)d.  This equation is for calculating numbers in an arithmetic series, e.g., 3, 6, 9, 12 (Note that the difference between consecutive numbers is always 3 here.)  3 is a1, 6 is a2, 9 is a3, and so on.  But I want to find a100 (or an), so I use my model equation and fill in the holes:  a100=3+(100-1)3  (d is the difference - 3).  a100= 300.  The professor just wrote out a100=3+99(3).  I thought the heads of some of the students were going to explode!  Pandamonium ensued.  Someone actually asked, "Why do you have 99 there instead of (100-1)?"  I gave that person the beating of his my head.  I wanted to vault over desks and people to give him a truly gangsta-worthy beating and call him my bitch. 
It's frustrating to me that these people don't see that although it looks different from the model equation, 99 is the SAME as 100-1.  I can't imagine what the professor is thinking.  If I were her, I'd want to go back to my office after class and drink myself stupid.
That's just one of many examples of stupidity I'm forced to wait-out every morning.  It is quite amusing sometimes, but when I'd rather be sleeping, it's just plain retarded.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Name of the day: Nikawanni. It's been a while since I've had a name of the day. This one's pretty good.

School is going well for me. Sometimes the algebra is difficult, but I keep getting all of my points on my quizzes. I must be doing something right.

Work sucks because I hate the office manager, Ursula. She talks a lot of smack. Like, last month when I had to go to girls camp for ONE afternoon, and she knew weeks before which afternoon I would be gone, she went up to the front desk in a huff and asked Muffy and Prudence where I was. They both said something like, "Um...she has been telling us for 2 weeks that she would be at camp this afternoon. She wrote it on the book, remember?" And Ursula did her big breath thing that she does when she's annoyed and said, "Well, if she wants ME to pay her for 40 hours, she better work it!"

W. T. F?! If I want HER to pay me? HER?! Her name isn't the one signed at the bottom of my check! Shut up and write what you're told to write, woman! And don't go around griping about it to people whose business it isn't. If I want Muffy and Prudence to know what I'm working and making, I will tell them. My dad and I made arrangements for how I would earn my 40 hours, and if Ursula isn't there burping down may neck for all 40, it doesn't make a difference. It chaps my hide that she tries to control things that aren't hers to control.

Thing 2 that she's done lately: I had last Friday afternoon off. Over a month ago, I went to have my eyes checked so I can get a little LASIK touch-up. After that appointment, I had to make another for 6 weeks later because the doctor has to get the same reading twice in a row in order to perform the touch-up. So Friday afternoon I had that second appointment. Friday afternoon was also a 25-hour blood drive, and I was on the committee to advertise and recruit and stuff like that. I was never given an assignment for the actual blood drive outside of going to pick up a few things from sponsors, which I did before my appointment. I told Ursula that I had an appointment and that my eye would be dilated, so if she had things that she needed me to do before my appointment then that would be great. I would be useless afterward because I stay dilated for 24 hours at least.

So yesterday she griped to Prudence and Muffy again. "Why is she having all of these eye appointments?! She was supposed to be at the blood drive, and she never showed up!" Muffy had my back, though, and told her what was up AGAIN! For her information, I did go to the blood center. I saw that there were 5 million volunteers making sure everything was going smoothly. Groups of people were handing out paperwork, cookies, sodas, door prizes. Restaurants were bringing in food by the truck-load. I couldn't find Ursula A. NY. WHERE, and what in the world was I supposed to do there that wasn't getting done?! I wish I could tell her to kiss my big, fat ass, but that would do a lot more harm than good. I just don't understand why my parents keep her around.


And she never asks me these questions to my face. NEVER! I wouldn't even know that she was having a problem with anything if Muffy and Prudence hadn't told me what she'd said.

It gets me real pissed off and it makes me wanna say...
It gets me real pissed off and it makes me wanna say...
It gets me real pissed off and it makes me wanna say FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....!

Ben Folds knows how I feel.

I can't believe I forgot!

Monday, July 12, 2004

The following quote was part of the caption for a photo at Yahoo News today:

Richard Potts of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington holds a tiny pre-human skull who lived more than 900,000 years ago at the National Museums of Kenya.

I love misplaced modifiers!

Friday, July 09, 2004

I'm going to be so dead in the morning, but I can't seem to force myself to go to bed. I saw the original "Stepford Wives" tonight, and tonight I also hate men. That might change later tomorrow when I go out, but as it stands, I can't believe that a man has a set so big that he made that movie with pride! I'm sure it provoked many "Maidenform bonfires", and I'm ready to have one myself. I need to throw some old bras out anyway.

I started my algebra class today. My professor is Turkish, and I'm curious to know more about the phonology of her native language because when she was saying "workbook", she was sounding "verkbook", however, when she was saying "variables", she was saying "wariables". But I don't know enough about the native languages of India to know which letters make what sounds when. I'm excited about the class, though. I need to bend my mind in a different direction than it normally goes. Math isn't my best subject, and it's been 10 years since I've been in a math class. It should be a slight challenge for me, and I'm ready for it. And should I get bored, I can always turn on the linguist in me and study the professors speech.

Today I received a new pre-approved credit card in the mail. My mom and I always try to guess what the rules and stipulations will be for whatever card some bank wants me to get. Today was probably one of the worst offers I've ever received. The APR was good (9.9%), but before I would ever charge anything, I would have a balance of $244 from "one-time" activation and membership fees, the annual fee, and some other retarded fee. There is a high price to pay to establish credit these days. It's ridiculous. I wonder how many people accept these "pre-approved" things without even reading what they're agreeing to. When these companies receive completed applications, do they laugh, pat each other on the backs, slap high-fives? What would you do if you had successfully and legally conned some poor fool out of $244?

I wanted to write this last week, but I've been busy. I need to crack on a stupid, white girl who was in my Biology Lab. She was giving her presentation, and the computer froze up on her. I laughed out loud when she said, "It's froze!" I weep for grammar lost. But then, I did tell my professor that under the UV light, the E. Coli mingled with PGLO glew.

blow - blew
grow - grew
drow - drew
flow - flew
glow - glew

See! It's meant to be.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

There are times when I miss being in Utah, and those times are when I'm craving Taco Time. Is that sick or what? Okay, there are other times when I miss Utah, too, and usually all of those instances revolve around food...PF Chang's, Cafe Rio, Lenito's, Beto's, Jacinto's, Kneaders, Einstein's Bagels...mmm...bagels..., etc. I think I'm hungry. Anyway, I also miss Utah in the winter when I want to be attempting to break something else while playing in the snow. See, it's not all about food. I miss the mountains, too. Big, beautiful piles of rock!

So it's been raining here almost non-stop for the past week, and when it's not raining it's hot and muggy. I have to chew on the air before it can go down to my lungs. I sweat for no reason. I have to take a shower just to dry off. It's so disgusting. Good grief, I hate Monroe in the Summer!

Not subscribing to any stereotypes or anything, but when a guy flits around class calling girls sweetie and honey, describing bacteria as "precious", claiming to have a black light in his room, and singing Shania Twain songs, I feel like I'm burning up because "Honey, turn that flame down! I can't learn in all this heat!" Anyway, this guy (he calls himself "Charles") BUGS me to death because he floats around the biology lab looking in on everybody's work and telling them what's going on as if he's the Grand Pu-bah of filamentous algae. "Yeah, thanks! I know. We're at the same level, peer!" I hate people like that. And if he weren't a know-it-all, I'd ask if I could go see his black light and discover that he also has a mirrorball in his room, and it would just be so fabulous.

I'm thrilled that tomorrow is the last day of this biology course. The professor is extremely boring and nervous all of the time. My lab partner has finally turned me completely off, as if his smoking weren't enough. Yesterday he totally ditched class and lab knowing that TODAY we had to present our project and results to the class. We hadn't completed the power-point presentation, and we certainly had not discussed who would say what when. I had him meet me at the lab yesterday afternoon, where we went over all of my notes on our "ponds", my observations, the results, etc. I told him what to type on the slides. He said he'd give the presentation since he didn't get to class. We had previously had problems with our microscope and camera that hampered our ability to effectively study growth in our ponds, but all of that was fixed. I saw some great microbes and new plant-life, and I told him all about them.

I told him not to say anything about our microscope and camera; he thought it would be funny, but I said it would just detract from the presentation. So he said he wouldn't. What did he do today?! HE TOLD ABOUT THE CAMERA AND MICROSCOPE! HE SAID WE COULDN'T EXAMINE OUR WORK! He didn't say anything about all of my observations. He said that everything had died in our ponds. I wanted to leap out of my chair and strangle him. Most of his time was spent giving out excuses for not having a good project, which is complete bullshit. I still want to slice him with a slide! I know I should have stood up and taken over, but I was just so stunned. I still can't believe it. But no matter what our score on the presentation, I should still get an A in the lab. I've gotten perfect scores on everything else. I won't bitch too much.

Okay, this guy sitting across from me right now (I'm in the computer lab at school.) was just on the phone with someone and got perturbed about something, so he slammed his phone shut, stood up, and said, "What's got into that cat? Friskies!" What in the world?! He gets mad and quotes the jingle to a catfood commercial? I guess it's better than poppin' a cap in somebody.

I'm still hungry.