Thursday, June 17, 2004

There is a very good reason why I came to school to study tonight. I wanted to get away from distraction, but you know what? The damn internet is everywhere! I hate it. I can't get away from it. I need to study! Damn Al Gore and his internet!

In other news, I was just looking at, and I'm now in need of someone to go with me to New Orleans to see Concrete Blonde on July 10th. Anyone? (It's white people music, Nomade. You probably won't want to go. But if you want to come down here and go to New Orleans with me, I'll pay for everything once you get down here and then maybe the pain of listening to white people music for a little bit won't be so painful? I mean, you have to were really starting to like those songs by The White Stripes and Placebo while we were in Senegal.) Tickets are only $22.


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