Wednesday, June 02, 2004

So girls camp is this week, and I ran up today to spend the late morning and afternoon with the little darlings. I was expecting a camp know...cabins (I knew they'd be in cabins) with screened-in windows, wood plank floors, humid beds, smells like forest, bugs...the area around the cabins would be dirt and pine trees, some fire rings, maybe some lanterns, lawn chairs...the girls would be dirty, hair in a mess, mud smeared across a cheek, a new rip in the jeans, smelling like smoke. But NO! OH! Not by a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG SHOT! They are staying in the lap of freakin' wilderness luxury. The only thing they are missing is a masseuse and a mud bath! Huge, air-conditioned "cabins", green grass and shrubbery surrounding the "cabins", concrete sidewalks from "cabin" to "cabin", a kitchen complete with cooks, a BEACH!, bathrooms IN their rooms, bathtubs, WASHERS AND DRYERS, a living area with big couches and chairs, a stereo system, and the list goes on and on! Camping MY ASS! Bunch of spoiled little girls!

On my way to girls "camp" this morning, I saw the most random, out-of-place thing, and I wish I had had my camera. I was driving through part of rural Louisiana past a farm. There were a few cows, a couple of horses, and a zebra! I did a was a zebra...just out there grazin'. I wanted to stop and look at it, but there was no where to pull over and there was traffic behind me. On my way back home, it ws too dark to see if it was still there.


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