Sunday, June 13, 2004

Post # 100!

Name of the day: Betty Joe. I wouldn't be having a problem with this name if it were my grandmother's name. Wait...I would, but if it were some other OLD LADY's name (an old lady who also lives on a farm and milks cows every morning and takes afternoon naps in a pile of hay), it would be okay. But this particular Betty Joe is 15 or 16 years old. It's sort of a good thing that she doesn't go by Betty Joe, but in today's world, her nick is worse than Betty Joe. It's B.J. Aye! Her last name is a fun one, too. Nope. B.J.? Nope. Hahahahaha...everytime I see her, I chuckle. Everytime, folks! How old am I?

I came home from church today to a house full of soon-to-be broken-hippers, former broken-hippers, and can't remember if they're broken-hippers. It's Johnston family reunion time chez moi, and I just have to say that I hate family reunions. I can't stand them! On my dad's side of the family, there are 7 people who are my age, and they never come. Most of the people in my mom's immediate family, save two aunts (and their families) and my g-parents (she has about 8 more siblings and a couple of step-siblings), are on the Jerry Springer and the COPS wait-list, so they make reunions exciting in ways they shouldn't be exciting. I'm glad they're all in Utah. I run from family reunions the way most people would run from a charging bull. In fact, right now all of the super-seniors and my parents are outside, and I'm locked in my dark room.

There was a fun person speaking in church today. By fun, I mean that he talked FUNny. He pronounces some words in ways I've never heard them pronounced before. I haven't even heard non-native speakers of English pronounce them this way. There was "childreen", "childreeng"(when placed before a word starting with a vowel sound, so "Childreeng are obnoxious."), "sockrifice", and then the popular "ideer" (idea). He also had so many grammar issues going on that I just didn't write them down. I'm not sure if my mom enjoys sitting next to me when such people get up and speak to the congregation or not. She's laughing, so I guess that's good.


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