Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Name of the day: Zenobia. It sounds like a disease, a psychological disorder, a former queen of Palmyra, and/or a Greek dish. Mmm...Greek food...Zannah? Dinner?

I went to lunch today at Captain D's, a great little seafood place. I got chicken strips. There is a sign in the restaurant that says, "In an effort to promote good health, this is a non-smoking establishment." It should have continued, "But, patrons, please eat all of the deep-fried, oil-saturated food you can stuff into your mouth. Oh, and did we mention that we are now serving fried cheesecake?" I love seeing stuff like that.

There was another thing at Captain D's I wanted to mention. Whenever a customer walked in the door, all of the workers said, "Hello." Not in unison, that would have been slightly less annoying and funnier, but "Hello" by 4 different people at 4 different times. EVERY TIME! It sounded so condescending to me. They didn't waiver from "Hello" by saying "Hi" or "Greetings" or "What's up, girl?" or "Heyyyyyy" or "Good afternoon" or anything like that. I hate establishment imposed greetings. What if I don't want to say "Hello" back? I feel forced into undesired pleasantries, and I never enjoy being forced to do anything. I'm not going to say anything next time. I'll just glare.


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