Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Name of the day: Sumna Kuruvilla. I've taken a detour from the norm with my "name of the day" today because this is an Indian name (and by Indian, I don't mean American Indian). I saw the name today, and I thought it was beautiful.

Okay, so, I have finally concluded that LDS missionaries are crazy. Normal people do not go to places like Korea and come back here proclaiming Red Ginseng Drink "delicious". Because IT'S NOT. I don't care if this drink is what the Koreans serve to royalty to honor them. It's nasty and it tastes like what I think sweet muddy water would taste like. If you can imagine that, then you know what Red Ginseng Drink is. It is awful. If ginseng should be ingested, it should be ingested in its natural pill form. And I don't understand anyone not Korean liking kimchi either. That stuff is wrong in at least 22 different ways.

But it's not just missionaries who go to Korea. Let's take my mission...San Diego, California, a.k.a. Little Mexico. Normal people just do not go to Mexico and come back to Earth thinking, "Mmm...cow stomach/tongue/intestine/other gross body part of some animal is delicious." However, missionaries do it all the time...like they've got some point to prove or some merit badge to gain...something. I was sane. I never came home thinking those things were good. Horchata is still gritty, cinnamon-sprinkled, paint water. Chile-flavored tamarindo IS. NOT. CANDY., and neither are those packets of lime-flavored salt. There is NOTHING CANDY about either one of those things...and they're yucky. It's just craziness!


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