Friday, June 11, 2004

Name of the day: Jerusha. Oh dear!

I'm having a hard time taking my biology professor seriously. I mean, he is a PhD, so I'm sure he knows his field very well; at least, I hope he does. But he's just not good at teaching. He sucks at it actually. His favorite word is "stuff", as in "You see this black stuff in the gooey stuff? It's supposed move across the membrane into this stuff." I am serious when I say he talks like that. I get so frustrated because here we are trying to learn this "stuff", and we are supposed to be able to explain it for a test. However, doing that is difficult when he calls ATP, mitochondria, the phospholipid bilayer, vacuoles, etc. all "stuff". "Hey, teacher! You know those words in our book that are highlighted because they are important words for us to know? You should probably give those a peek sometime."

And sometimes he is teaching a principle, and I have no clue about what he is talking about. My lab partner and I just look at each other with confused looks and say, "Book!" Some things just aren't going to be understood without our book. He just gets up there and talks, and I think he gets kinda flustered because he's always forgetting to tell us something. So he has to backtrack. Anyway, I hope I don't ever have to take him for anything else ever again.

There are some girls in my class who may die by my hand by the end of our short 4 weeks together. Maybe I just expect too much, but I think that they should have some sense of classroom etiquette. They talk THE ENTIRE 90 MINUTES of class. It drives me crazy. I know it bugs the professor because he has this look on his face when he sees them, and he always asks them if they have a question. I wish he would grow a set and tell them to shut up or leave. He CAN do that. This isn't high school. Today, with 15 minutes left of class, one of those girls started tapping on her desk with her pencil. Constant tapping. I heard her friend say, "Girl, what are you doin'?" She said, "I'm ready to go." "Well, damn! Get the hell out then! Nobody's stopping you. Get up!" I wanted to give her such a smack! They just have a blatant disregard for common courtesy. I hope they fail.

I aced my test yesterday. I wonder how since the man can't teach. I guess his tests are as simple as he is.


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