Saturday, June 26, 2004

Name of the day: Heavin. It's a good thing that these parents aren't those who add unnecessary apostrophes to names because this baby could be Heavin' in "She out back heavin' hay into the pick-up." No, these are those who prefer Cera to Sarah and Mykal to Michael. It's not like there are that many people named Heaven anyway.

Pros and cons list for having a computer as my DVD player:

1. It's really just a bonus, anyway, as I don't purchase a computer for it's DVD player as much as I do for its...computing.

2. I don't have to be in the family room to watch my movies...the room where anyone can come and go and talk and bug anytime they please because it is the family room.

3. My mom stays out of my room because she generally doesn't want to watch anything I watch, and she can't be on the computer while I'm watching it.

4. The speaker system (complete with woofer) that came with the computer. It's awesome!

1. There's no remote control, so if I fall asleep and want to simply switch the machine to off, I can't. I have to get up and shut down the computer, waking myself up again so now I have to fall asleep to ESPN or Discovery Health.

2. Sometimes I forget to exit my Instant Messenger programs, so the various notifications pop up and sound off in the middle of my movie.

3. I oftentimes forget about the screensaver and energy-saver things, and the screen will go black or the computer into hibernation during the film.


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