Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I've had a song stuck in my head since late last night. I really hate when I have to spend an entire day doing things that do not involve listening to the song that is playing in my head. I guess the fact that the song is playing in my head should be good enough, but it never is. It's so distracting having to sit through four hours of class without hearing it and then going straight to work. I made up a fake errand in the middle of the afternoon so I could pass by my house to listen to the song...thrice. And I'm frustrated that I can't find the cd that I bought because then I'd be able to take it everywhere with me and listen to it on breaks. I hate this feeling.

Well, I've had this little life's-quest cover-up thing for long enough. I've finally told all of the people who should know what I'm really planning on doing with my life. I'm not going after a masters in communications. I'm sick of people asking me what biology, trigonometry, chemistry and physics have to do with communications and not having a logical explanation for it. Because you know what? There isn't one. I'm taking pre-requisite courses for medical school, turbo people! That's no joke. I joke a lot, but this time I'm serious. So there you have it.

Also, I ate kimchi today...not terrible. In fact, I can see how it might be tasty.


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