Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I had quite the culture shock today. It was my first day of college courses that aren't at BYU. Instead, I'm now at a state university that doesn't have the same funding for building maintenance as my wealthier, private alma mater. The buildings are dirty inside. They need new paint and a serious upgrade from the 70s-80s decor, and my class is in one of the newest buildings! And I can't forget to tell you about the smell. It smelled like grandma's house...grandma's house during the years after she's let it all go and allowed the cats to take over.

The other shock was when I looked around at my fellow students and thought, "There are more black people in this one class than there are in the whole state of Utah!" At BYU, I think I had only 2 black people in all of my classes combined, my soul sistah and the Spaniard.

There is one last thing that caught me off-guard in class: the smell of cigarettes. It's weird how I encounter some things in my everyday life, but when it comes to school, my brain is conditioned to certain sights and sensations. I was taken aback and had to remind myself, "Carrie, you aren't at BYU anymore." It's not a sad realisation. I'm happy to experience new things.

Oh...and science professors sure can be humorless ol' goats! I'm used to laughing in my classes, but today is only the first day. I should give a guy a chance. Somehow, though, I don't think he laughs a whole lot. I miss the never-ending dry jokes, the quick wit, and the cruel comebacks of my language professors. We need more language people to become scientists and teach science. Hey... Then maybe things would be funnier.


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