Sunday, May 09, 2004

Saturday night, I went to a store across the river in hick town. I really hate going over there, but when it comes to going to this store late at night, I'd rather go to the one over there than the one in my city...for safety reasons. In the store, my mom was behind this group of girls(?) who apparently played on the high school softball team. These girls(?) strutted around, spoke with deep voices, all bowed up, and SPAT CHEW INTO A CUP!!! True story, people! Girls(?) dippin' tobacco over in West Monroe...crossin' lines that shouldn't ever be crossed. I just wanted to go throw up on them!

I was feeling crafty Saturday night. I MADE a scrapbook. I don't mean that I was scrapbooking...I haven't gone so far yet. The youth at church will be taking a trip this Summer up to Illinois to visit many of the church's historical sites. One of the other counselors (we'll call her 5-O) thought it'd be a good idea to have the girls make scrapbooks so that when they return from the trip, they can fill them. 5-O has a book her mom made back in the day. She uses it more as a journal, but we are going to use that as the template for the scrapbooks. I got busy tonight making sure it was fairly easy to do, and it was. I've entered a new realm...a realm that involves spray adhesive and scrap material. I never even knew there was such a thing as spray adhesive before this project. It's great! But don't want to breath it in. It's not good.

Today was another lazy Saturday. Saturdays are going to be lazy while I'm having allergy issues. All of the meds I've tried to combat this make me extremely tired, so I can't take them during the week days. I just have to suffer. But I'll be damned if I sneeze and have itchy throat all weekend long!

One more day before the photo album is gone. Yay! Oh...and I forgot Mother's Day! I'm a terrible child. Sue me.


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