Thursday, May 27, 2004

Name of the day: Tru Joy. I'm sorry. I should have first warned you to grab a bucket or a trashcan or something. Cheese like that makes me want to perform unnecessary painful surgeries on myself.

Lately I haven't felt much like writing anything here. Funny things happen to me everyday, but I don't feel like putting them down. Like today, I had to make a phone call, and I started punching buttons on the phone. But guess what...I hadn't picked up the receiver! A 90 year-old man was hitting on me in the office. He was yacking my ear off about 90 year-old crap, and I was trying not to bust up laughing while the rest of the staff was on the other side of the wall sniggering at the situation.

Eventful things have happened. I'm officially a student again. I'm registered, ID'ed and parked. I haven't bought a school t-shirt yet, and I doubt I will. I'm excited about learning again. My brain is slowly turning into useless, gelatinous goo, so I need to do something to strengthen it. I'll be taking a biology course and the lab that goes with it. It should be very interesting, entertaining and enjoyable.

I'm currently quilting my first quilt. QUILTING, Zannah...the quilting that involves hand stitching shapes and patterns and squares. Last night the quilt was a group effort, but now that group time is over, I am now correcting mistakes in stitching, and I will stitch it closed. I'm nervous about this, but last night was not so difficult. It's a cute baby quilt. I'm excited to present it to a friend who just had a baby boy.

I have strong desires to leave the country because I'm tired of all of the political NONSENSE going on. That's all I shall say about politics. I just really want to take a very long beach vacation far away from certain influences...Tahiti is my ideal.

I have an exposition of sleep come upon me. It's time for bed.


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