Sunday, May 30, 2004

Name of the day: Saban McKay Murray. I was wondering how long it would take after LSU's winning the national championship for a child in the Ark-La-Miss area to be named after LSU's head coach, Nick Saban. Here's the first I've seen.

I hate that gas is so expensive because it's taken away, or limited, my favorite Sunday evening activity...driving. I love getting into my car, switching on my stereo, and heading toward some unknown destination only to turn around a few hours later to head home. I would easily blow a whole tank of gas on these excursions because I didn't mind paying $18.00 for an evening alone on the bi-ways of whatever state I'm in. But now I'm reluctant to go out like that because it now costs me $31.00 to fill up. Ugh! It's sad. I can't wait until a solution to this oil crisis is found.

I start school Wednesday. Woohoo!


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